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Secondary Math Tuition Online

As part of the Secondary Tuition Online network, Secondary Math Tuition Online offers tuition programmes with a specialisation in the Mathematics subject. Lending on the expertise of experienced math tutors and a unique online learning system, our online portal provides high quality and accessible education for students in Singapore. Our winning strategy for students helps to preserve their learning aspirations and drive academic excellence.

Features of Our Math Tuition Online Programme

By offering a diverse range of tuition programmes, we have propelled our students’ academic ability and potential to excel and attain the A grade. Guided by dedicated math tutors and supported by eLearning integration and tailored study resources, students are rewarded with a rich learning experience that translates into their achievements of their desired grades.

Dedicated Math Tutors

All students at our programmes receive dedicated tutor support that assists in their personal goals of academic success. Students are also highly encouraged by our tutors to seek regular consultations, revision tips and techniques, which shapes a positive mindset for examinations.

Exam-oriented Math Classes with elearning integration

An emphasis is placed on having exam-oriented class practices to condition students adequately over the course of the programme. We also infuse our classes with online productivity tools to ease problems of studying and revising, which has led to our outstanding teaching efficiency.

Concise Study Notes for Effective Revision

Students looking to quicken and intensify their pace of revision will find it highly beneficial at our tuition programmes, where we supplement their learning experience with concise yet effective study notes. These are especially useful when students are preparing for any tests or exams.

How You Can Benefit

Students of our Secondary Math Tuition Online tend to emerge as more confident and adaptable problem solvers after undergoing our rigorous programme curriculum. Apart from the rigour, we also make our lessons enjoyable and exam-friendly, so that students gradually develop a keen interest in their subjects. Our unique hands-on approach also stimulates critical thinking and builds strong mathematical foundations.

Develop Quick Thinking Skills

With an emphasis on the development of quick-thinking skills, our students are trained to decipher and solve mathematical problems within short intervals. These skills are crucial in building high efficiency levels of solving math problems — a crucial skill for the GCE O Levels.

Build Strong Mathematical Foundations

Students at our programmes tend to become strong learners with a developed understanding of basic and intermediate math concepts. Our development of strong mathematical foundations has consistently accelerated our students’ progression and prepared them for more complex questions.

Appreciate the Significance of Mathematics through the Application Lens

Our math programmes are designed to enliven the learning experience of our students by transforming our lessons with useful applications of mathematics. These allow our students to appreciate mathematics and hone a structured mathematical mindset when they apply to the real world.

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