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Secondary English Tuition Online

Secondary English Tuition Online is part of the Secondary Tuition Online network and offers specialised programmes for the English subject. Our tutors are dedicated in ensuring the highest quality of English education for aspirational students, with the help of their rich teaching experiences and our unique online learning system. We hope to uplift the quality of education for all and maximise students’ potential while they are enrolled in our tuition programmes.

Features of Our English Tuition Online Programme

Our programmes are designed to add maximum value to the learning experience of our students through our tried-and-tested education methodology. Our classes are conducted with the objective to raise students’ learning productivity compared to schools, while maintaining high engagement levels among students. We also adopt a progressive teaching model that empower our students to learn at a rapid yet comfortable pace. With support from our highly integrative eLearning tools, our tuition experience is second to none in Singapore.

Engaging & Interactive Lessons

The learning environment at our featured tuition centres are specially vibrant and engaging for students to channel their inner curiosity, which facilitates question discussions and knowledge dissemination effectively. Such active participation raises interactions among students and tutors, which elevates the learning experience.

Exam-oriented Class Practices

Tailoring our class practices with progressive teaching models, we encourage our students to think critically and challenge the academic rigour with complex questions. Our wide collection of questions are curated with a focus on past examinations so that our students are consistently attuned to the complexities of the GCE O Levels.

Integrative eLearning Tools

We rigorously test our virtual classrooms and eLearning tools to ensure a highly productive and seamless learning experience for our students. Our deep integration with education technologies allows students to reap the maximum benefits for their learning productivity and develop efficiency revision techniques.

How You Can Benefit

Students enrolled at our English programmes find themselves developing a keener insight of the language while nurturing a passion for learning. Our inspiring tutors conduct the tuition programmes with students’ genuine interest and learning styles in mind, in order to raise the quality of education further. Complementing these with our fun and interesting curriculum, we are able to sustain high levels of engagement and participation among our students.

Develop The Passion For Learning English

As passionate educators, we wish to impart the same values to our students and nurture in them the zeal for learning English. This is especially important at the secondary level, where students often burn out and lose both interest and curiosity for their studies.

Effective and Fun Learning Programmes

With a firm recognition of the importance of productive learning with elements of fun, we have specially tailored our English programmes to captivate these curious minds. Our unique curriculum is able to raise student engagement and stimulate active participation.

Tackling the English Examinations confidently

To ensure that our students are practised and familiar with exam requirements at the GCE O Levels, our tutors are engaged in close monitoring and guidance to aid struggling students to keep pace with the academic rigour and develop self-confidence during examinations.

Take Charge Of Your Learning

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